Wen Xiong

I am a passionate UI/UX and interaction designer who has both work and academic experience. I always put end-users in mind and advocate for them. And I am humble enough to learn from others. Also, I am always willing to push the project to another level, as I believe there is no perfect design, only better design.

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UI Design

UI Design

UI is the platform where the users can communicate and play with the computer. My favorite quote by Jef Raskin — "As far as your user concerned interface is the product".

UI Design

UX Design

UX Design is based on strategic planning, creativity, and evidences from the users. My favorite quote from UX Week is "UX without 'U'(user) is 'X', not UX."

UI Design


No thing can become reality without the effort of development. I am capable of rapid prototyping and have the knowledge in front-end development.

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Email: wenxiongdesign@gmail.com